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Conservas Familia Conesa

At Conservas Familia Conesa , we boast one of the largest and most modern manufacturing plants in Europe comprising over 25,000 square metres.

At Conservas Familia Conesa, we are a pioneering firm in the national and global market due to our pursuit of innovation and quality control in every product during the entire manufacturing process.

Our aim is to provide a high quality product with an unbeatable service, meeting the needs and expectations of each and every customer. And for that reason, we undertake comprehensive monitoring of every product’s traceability, from the sowing to the harvesting and selection of only the best raw materials, in order to ensure an efficient distribution of the finished product.

Our human team at Conservas Familia Conesa includes over 200 fully committed and professional staff which, combined with our technological resources and already implemented production systems, allows us to guarantee the production of 100,000 kg of artichokes on a daily basis in order to reach our customers in over 16 countries.

Quality and Service are the foundations for our growth as a company and the pillars to build an efficient and competitive large scale production for our customers.

Our firm Conservas Familia Conesa is part of WORLD FRUITS COMPANY, one of the largest national corporations working towards the development of agricultural and livestock businesses. Currently, WORLD FRUITS COMPANY controls vegetable and fruit farming areas with over 4,000 hectares devoted to agriculture which produce products such as artichokes and peppers.